Dealing with a baby in hot weather

Blue skies, sun shining, birds singing, we’ve had glorious weather, wonderful food and have sat lounging out in the garden while the kids play in the paddling pool! Perfect! That is until the heat broke our baby!

Little Monkey first started to show signs of what could be termed ‘heat stress’ later in the day, her normal sleep routine phased out, at points she was quite irritable too. Lisa and I were stumped “what’s happened to our baby? It was like she had a different personality, bouncing between our happy, smiling bundle of joy to a zombie, drooling, rolling around and moaning.

So how do we fix this? The emotional stress was almost as great as the physical as Monkey demanded more and more from us, the answer wasn’t abundantly clear however using a little common sense and late night/early morning Googling we managed to make her comfortable enough to sleep.

With another ‘hot one’ foretasted today I thought I would quickly jot down some of what we learnt and a few extra tips that might have made things a little easier.

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Light loosing fitting clothing – Keep clothing down to a minimum, we left Monkey in her nappy and made sure she was covered when the temperature dropped.

Drink more – Babies feed loads more in Summer, so when it’s hot expect them to feed to keep cool.  That said Monkey was so fed up with the heat she didn’t feed for as long each time.  Giving little one some cooled boiled water will help keep them hydrated too.

Lukewarm bath – We had a paddling pool out during the day which we popped in and out of but for the evening we ran a cool bath before bed time too.

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Go for a walk – This was the golden ticket for us, almost two hours after bedtime we decided to pop our very awake and grumpy 10 month old into the carrier and we went out for a walk.  When babies are young skin to skin contact helps regulate body temperature, I’m not sure if that’s scientifically the case at 10 months but carrying her in just her nappy helped sooth her and give her the chance to fall asleep.

Get a fan – Keep little one’s room cool during the day, keeping windows open, curtains shut and try and circulate the air with a fan (make sure that the fan isn’t pointing directly at them if you’re going to leave a fan running for while)

Air conditioning – Lives of the rich and famous? Note quite, a quick search on Amazon (there are other retail outlets) I found that some entry level units start around the £200 mark.  Use one of these to have more control over the temperature of the room.  I would recommend using one of these together with a room thermometer to make sure it doesn’t get too cold.

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So we feel a little better informed, if all else fails it’ll be a ride along in Dada’s car with the aircon on (although I have no idea how we will transition a sleeping baby from the car seat to bed?…) I’d love to hear how you guys have dealt with the heat.  Do you have any tips or pointers passed down the generations you’d care to share?  Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Good tips. I can’t remember L being too impacted by the heat, but it is more difficult in this weather. We go for the sleep in a nappy, fan on approach!

    • Cheers Dave, last night it was down to nappy with a fan running low almost all evening. Thankfully the temperature has dropped and we can go back to moaning about the British Summer we’ve not had yet.

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