On this day 16th June 2016

‘On This Day’ is a new feature where I go back over my Google back up and share thoughts and memories of those almost forgotten images and videos shot on whatever mobile I had at the time.  After all, whats the point of them sitting in the cloud, if not to share and reminisce? If you want to get involved then drop me a comment below or share your memories with me on Twitter using the hashtag #MonkeysOTD

Today’s image is of Lisa, she’ll hate me for sharing this but I think she looks beautiful!

Lisa, 8 months pregnant

Lisa had a beautiful bump, I couldn’t keep my hands of it, stroking her tummy and cuddling her behind.  Can any Dad’s relate to this? Of course this was pretty unique to Lisa, I don’t make a habit of stroking random womens pregnant tummies!

Just one point of observation about the photo, we still haven’t worked out what to do with all our herbs and spices!

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