Tweets of the Week | June 19th – 25th

This is my weekly round up of my favourite tweets from last week. I’m paying homage to those wonderful Mums and Dad’s that fill my Twitter timeline on a daily basis.  You’ve made me smile and I’d like to return the favour! If you’re reading this and you follow these lovely people, tell them I sent you!

I’ve done this, lived with parents/in-laws and it is hard…er…

This year Katie starts school, I’m like ‘when did she grow up so bloody quickly!”

Lisa (yes she’s my better half go check out her blog, Me & Monkey) doesn’t think she’s funny but she makes me laugh all the time!

It’s true, I’ve been on Twitter for years (with my business and countless other accounts) and there is a BIG trend of bloggers putting anything and everything in their bio. Henry should know what’s best with his background, I’ve just been reading one of his latest posts on making your blog more attractive to PR companies and agencies.

Just funny! 🙂

David’s really getting into his photography, check out his new Instagram account DadvSnaps.

Come on, everyone loves a good, bad Dad joke….right?

I have to admit, although I love Harry Potter, I had to look up exactly which spell this was… I can see now why one might be worried!

It’s true, it was HOT last week! Although when it starts to rain this week, I bet we’ll be singing a different tune!

Happens to the best all of us!

Best Giff ever!

I’ll just leave that there!

Grandparents have this magic, invisible ability to attract / distract all your children, without so much of a word. HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!

Best train track ever, Dad’s are AWESOME!

With one under one and one under five, I already know whats coming, handbags next!

Well that’s it for this week, check back for my weekly round up each Monday, let me know you Twitter account in the comment section below or link us to one of your favourite tweets of the week!

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  1. Thank you for including me! I’ll warn you, Reception year goes FAST. I can’t quite believe my daughter only has 4 weeks left!

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