Tweets of the Week | June 26th – July 2nd

This is my weekly round up of my favourite tweets from last week. I’m paying homage to those wonderful Mums and Dad’s that fill my Twitter timeline on a daily basis.  You’ve made me smile and I’d like to return the favour! If you’re reading this and you follow these lovely people, tell them I sent you! I’ve been following more people each week so to ensure these round ups aren’t a mammoth read I’ll be picking my top ten from the previous week to feature!

OK so it had just dawned on me that I haven’t actually watched all the films when we recently watched Fantastic Beasts.  I’m also a sucker for funny Gifs.

K is four and is very confident when it comes to voicing what she wants, I am however quite glad that she hasn’t worked out how to use the television remote yet!

It’s true Facebook is a dumping ground for stress and emotional baggage, that and adverts for those bloody spinners. Probably why I try not to use it that often!

C is standing up on the changing table, which we have in the window. Since she could stand she has been pulling herself up to look outside no matter what stage in the nappy changing process we are at!

We’ve all had day’s like this, right?

Do child have favourites? I keep telling myself that at C’s age it’s all about the breast. I simply do not have the capacity to feed or soothe her when she needs it. That’s my theory as to why she always prefers Mummy hugs to mine!

Now you’re going to get stuck having to explain how things hover surely?

This is just laugh out loud.

No word of a lie, Spotify created a playlist with “Ma Na Ma Nah” featuring after I was asked to play it repeatedly for over half an hour!

Last weeks finale ended with Mumsnet dividing the country 70/30 over the order of how one prepared ones scone for National Cream Tea Day (I didn’t know that even existed). I mean it’s no brainer how would you have voted? Comment below.

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